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All About Vancleave

Vancleave, MS

Vancleave, located in west-central Jackson County, Mississippi, is a small community which developed in the early to mid-19th Century, on Bluff Creek, a small tributary of the Pascagoula River, several miles north of the Mexican Gulf. It was known originally as Bluff Creek, until the postmaster in 1870, named it Vancleave in honor of a former merchant, Robert A. Van Cleave.


Things To Do In Vancleave:

Come Spend A Day In Vancleave!


  • Burger Bun
  • Ixtapa Mexican Restaurant
  • O’neal’s Seafood Restaurant
  • El Patron Mexican Grill Hwy 57


  • White Sands RV & Camping Resort


  • Jacquelyn’s Boutique
  • Byrd’s Gun & Reloading
  • The Purple Anchor


Education in Vancleave

About Vancleave Educational System

Vancleave is served by the Jackson County School District. It includes two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Vancleave is also home to a branch of the Jackson-George Regional Library, located at 12604 Highway 57.

Elementary Schools

  • Vancleave Lower Elementary School
  • Vancleave Upper Elementary School

Middle School

  • Vancleave Middle School

High School

  • Vancleave High School


Vancleave Image Gallery

History of Vancleave

Vancleave is rich in history!

Vancleave, located in west-central Jackson County, Mississippi, is a small community which developed in the early to mid-19th Century, on Bluff Creek, a small tributary of the Pascagoula River, several miles north of the Mexican Gulf. It was known originally as Bluff Creek, until the postmaster in 1870, named it Vancleave in honor of a former merchant, Robert AVan Cleave (1840-1908).  Ocean Springs family historian, Vertalee Bradford Van Cleave (1916-1999), related that the progenitor of the Van Cleave family in America was Jan Van Cleef, a 1653 Dutch émigré to New York.   It is interesting to note that there is a town called Kleve in extreme western Germany less than twenty miles from its present border with Holland.     Could the first American Van Cleave been Jan van Kleve, i.e. John from Kleve?  (The History of Jackson County, Mississippi, 1989, p. 376 and National Geographic Atlas Of The World, 1981, p. 152)

The first European settlement in the Vancleave area occurred in 1721, when French colonists settled the short-lived Chaumont Concession. With the creation of the Mississippi Territory in 1798, and the West Florida Rebellion of 1810, the United States rested Spanish West Florida from its Iberian masters. Jackson County was created and united with the Territory of Orleans in 1812, and joined the Union in 1817, with the State of Mississippi.

Even before Mississippi’s statehood, restless Americans in the Carolinas and Georgia began settling the southwestern frontier, which included the Vancleave region. They were subsistence farmers and hunter-gatherers who brought their Protestant religion to this predominantly Roman Catholic coastal section.  (source:

Vancleave Neighborhood

Check out Vancleave Neighborhood

Vancleave is a somewhat small town located in the state of Mississippi. With a population of 6,022 people and three constituent neighborhoods, Vancleave is the 62nd largest community in Mississippi.

Vancleave real estate is some of the most expensive in Mississippi, although Vancleave house values don’t compare to the most expensive real estate in the U.S.

Unlike some towns where white-collar or blue-collar occupations dominate the local economy, Vancleave is neither predominantly one nor the other. Instead, it has a mixed workforce of both white- and blue-collar jobs. Overall, Vancleave is a town of service providers, sales and office workers, and professionals. There are especially a lot of people living in Vancleave who work in office and administrative support (12.37%), sales jobs (10.98%), and food service (10.84%).

Also of interest is that Vancleave has more people living here who work in computers and math than 95% of the places in the US.

It is a fairly quiet town because there are relatively few of those groups of people who have a tendency to be noisy. (Children, for example, often can’t help themselves from being noisy, and being parents ourselves, we know!) Vancleave has relatively few families with children living at home, and is quieter because of it. Renters and college students, for their own reasons, can also be noisy. Vancleave has few renters and college students. But the biggest reason it is quieter in Vancleave than in most places in America, is that there are just simply fewer people living here. If you think trees make good neighbors, Vancleave may be for you.

In Vancleave, however, the average commute to work is quite long. On average, people spend 35.11 minutes each day getting to work, which is significantly higher than the national average. (source:

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Amy understands that when shopping for a mortgage professional, you need an individual and team with whom you can rely. Amy’s goal is to help you in a fast, friendly, and easy to understand manner. She uses her experience and knowledge to ensure that all of your financial and mortgage needs are successfully met. Amy’s passion is to help her clients and partners achieve the goal of homeownership. 200-1091
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